RestAssured ILM™

Combined with our web based, highly configurable feedback management platform, we've developed a service that alleviates the problem of off hour response to GM OneSource leads. Custom and highly personalized responses get the usable information to your prospects and stops the clock!


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Our RestAssuredILM™ service works to make sure your dealership responds to prospective clients quickly and professionally without having to sleep with your phone! A timely and personally worded response is sent back through your ILM system and to your sales team, so you'll know it has been handled and what information was provided. The response is dynamically configured based on the contents of the lead. New car/used car quotes, finance pre qualifying, even trade in valuation requests are easily handled. Our proprietary technology allows for a nearly infinite number of response emails, not just a few basic templates!

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What our clients say:

Off hours leads easily handled, no more sleeping with the phone!